NOT designed to be cheap, but designed to be reliable, dependable and supportive. Your business, radio station and domestic IT solutions need to be just that, solutions, not problems, they need to be online, stable, reliable and the IT support and setup should be to! That’s what I’m here for!

Renowned for my experience in radio, both on air and off. A premier choice for commercial and community stations as well as new, online and college stations. Expert in Radio Playout solutions, broadcast style and presentation as well as a guru in the Ofcom code of broadcasting, technical and content.

Former technician for Holiday Inn UK now working alongside the QVC brand SBC to deliver a stable ecommerce platform for the brand, this is just one of the reasons I am chosen for all your web needs. Having provided IT solutions to a hotel running in the public eye 24/7, this is a tricky business and up-time is critical, hotels of this size need a robust technical support backbone which I was rated 5 stars (by the hotel staff themselves!) in providing.

Rated #1 most helpful by consumers when it comes to Freesat TV in the home. TV is all around us and is now bigger and possibly more difficult than ever before. It is important for businesses and homes to have a fuss-free, fault-free TV experience. I have received recognition from Virgin Media themselves for a fast fault diagnosis on site working to their brand standards to assist the consumer in TV & Broadband. There is a lot of choice when it comes to TV, I simplify the process allowing homes to be converted to Freesat, Sky and Virgin.

The broadcaster’s choice.
The business choice.
The consumers choice.

Need proof? Try it yourself. If you need a hand, get in touch.